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Upcoming activity: 2-day Petrel workshops (17-18 Dec)
Industry talks – Magnetotellurics in theory and practice (17 Nov)

We are an active group of students passionate about geosciences. In our faculty we created a Student Geophysical Society Geophone. Since its foundation quite a few years ago, Geophone grew, only to reach a staggering number of over one hundred active members, all of them being current students of geophysics, geology and drilling at AGH UST. Our EAGE chapter is natural extension of the Society and we work on most of our projects together.


Chapter board for 2016/17:

Olga Nosal
Aneta Młotkowska
Magdalena Biernat
Natalia Bujak

Advisor: dr Kamila Wawrzyniak-Guz

renewal for each calendar year,
remember to apply/renew before the end of December!