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EAGE Student Chapter Cracow

EAGE  student chapter is  an active group of students passionate about geosciences.  In our faculty we create a Student Geophysical Society GEOPHONE and work as a part of this institution. Since the establishement our chapter we have worked on dozens projects organized in the Geophone. In 2016 we won the first prize as the Best EAGE Student Chapter in te world. This great distinguish motivate us to constatn work.
A few highlited activities:
Coorganization of Student National Conference Geophysics and Space „Geofizyka w Kosmosie” 11-15.05.2017
















Participation in Student National Geophysical Conference „GEOSFERA”
Our membres won:
Ist prize in the oral session
Ist prize in geoquiz












Participation in 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017










Soft Skills workshops
























Our current projects:
1. Modernization of seismic tomography testing field2. Modernization of laboratory room form geo-electric modelling3. Organization of XI Student National Geophysical Conference „GEOSFERA” 2018,










Chapter board for 2017/2018:
President: Dariusz Dziubacki

Vice president: Patryk Rogocz

Secretary: Bartosz Pudło

Treasurer: Karolina Szczepańczyk
Faculty Advisor: Kamila Wawrzyniak-Guz, PhD










Membership: renewal for each calendar year,remember to apply/renew before the end of December!
CONTACT: eage.agh.ust@gmail.comvisit our fanpage: www.facebook.com/eage.cracow